what is ​pain revolution?

Pain Revolution is the brainchild of Professor Lorimer Moseley from the University of South Australia. Lorimer is one of the world’s most respected pain scientists. His landmark work on the role of the brain and mind in persistent pain, combined with his passion for teaching pain science to health professionals & the general public, have led to prestigious prizes on every continent.

Lorimer will be joined by some of Australia’s most respected pain scientists, physicians, physiotherapists and GPs for a week of fully supported cycling along some of the most picturesque routes through regional Victoria and South Australia. 

The team will run outreach activities at regional centres en route. Seminars, workshops and discussion groups will present the latest discoveries in the field. Discussion groups will focus on the unique challenges faced by rural doctors, physios and other health professionals in dealing with chronic pain. The Brain Bus will run hands-on demonstrations in each community. 

We’re fundraising to establish and support a network of local Pain Educators in rural and regional areas. Our riders are raising money via sponsorship, and we’ve got a fantastic group of sponsors on board. Our big goal is to train and support local Expert Pain Coaches to Explain Pain within their communities. They will learn how to teach evidence-based self-management strategies, and work collaboratively local clinicians within an evidence-based prevention and rehabilitation approach. We’re working to create a framework for community based pain education that we can share with other communities, to combat the global burden of persisting pain.

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Ever wondered what sort of experiments pain scientists do?   Dr Tasha Stanton, Senior Research Fellow at University of South Australia, will be taking the lab on the road. Tasha has won international awards for her innovative use of illusions in the assessment and treatment of persistent pain.

Tasha will be joined by Dr Dan Harvie from Griffith University, and other leading young pain scientists, driving the Body in Mind Brain Bus ahead of the peloton. They will set up at community centres en route, to show off some of the illusions and other groovy experiments that are used to learn about pain and to teach people about pain. Rural communities will get a chance to engage with the cutting edge of pain research. 
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