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We've recruited a team of Revolutionaries to join us on the road. We have 24 riders tackling the hills, plains and scenic coastal roads between Melbourne to Adelaide. All of our riders have a story related to their professional and personal brushes with Pain that have spurred them to get on their bikes and join the Pain Revolution. They are personally raising the much needed funds to help us make big changes to pain management in Australian regional communities. Our Revolutionaries are also contributing their time and professional expertise to the outreach events and education programs we're running in the rural communities we travel through.

Here are our riders and their stories for Pain Revolution 2017.

Lorimer ​​Moseley

I am 46. I am Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and have been a pain scientist for almost two decades. I have been a Middle Aged Man In Lycra for just 4 years. My longest ride is 113km and I have never done a multi-day event. However, I have a vision to revolutionise the way persistent pain is prevented and treated and if we are serious about this then we have to do something big, something tough and something that will get tongues wagging.

But here’s the main thing: My job is to research pain and disseminate what we discover via research articles, books and conference presentations. But to actually change lives this way takes decades. I reckon that people suffering with persistent pain shouldn’t have to wait that long. 

So, I am riding because:
- people with persistent pain are often poorly understood, stigmatised,  
  mismanaged and desperate 
- rural Australia is buckling under the burden of persistent pain 
- I think we have much to offer and much to learn
- we now know that understanding pain is the most important step to overcoming
- there really is no excuse now - we must do what it takes to get the message out. 

Sponsor Lorimer

Cate Andrews

I’ve joined Pain Revolution because I really want to get better at educating people about pain and how to best recover. I've always been impressed by the work of Lorimer Moseley (UniSA) and what better opportunity to learn from this crew than to join them as they lead Pain Revolution through regional communities providing outreach education along the way. Having spent all of my career as a physiotherapist working in rural and regional Australia, I was pretty excited to hear that Pain Revolution was targeting regional towns, providing them with opportunities to engage with the cutting edge of pain research. Also I love cycling, so why not take on the challenge of riding 870km from Melbourne to Adelaide? 
By participating in Pain Revolution, I've made a pledge to raise $3000 to support research and the development of better resources for management and prevention of persistent pain.

Please help by giving whatever you can using the 'Sponsor Cate' button. Donations are tax deductible. Please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

There really is no excuse now - we must do what it takes to get the message out. 

Sponsor Cate

Tim ​Bass

I'm a physiotherapist that works at the front line treating patients with pain conditions daily. During my regular week I am privleged to assist patients specifically in chronic pain and those with spinal pain in our clinics.

We know pain is complex and often these patients present with multiple contributing factors to their individual pain experience. Hence, putting my hand up to ride as part of the "Pain Revolution" and support the team at the University of South Australia was a no brainer. The more we can understand about pain the better job we can do in working with patients who suffer pain on a daily basis. Please share my page with family and friends to spread the word. Please also consider donating and assist me by using the "Sponsor Tim" button on this page. We ride to reduce the burden for chronic pain in our patients and the community.

Sponsor Tim

Fran ​​​Black

I am a physiotherapist who has worked with people in pain for 27 years. Currently I am a hand physiotherapist at the Royal Hobart Hospital. My interest in pain began in my very first year as a physio with beginning to understand that Pain does not necessarily mean damage. I have worked in rehabilitation, a pain management unit, indigenous communities and now in hand therapy.
I have joined the pain revolution because I want to make a difference. I want to participate in this physical challenge for the benefit of all people suffering from persistent pain.

I plan to ride 870km with like minded people from Melbourne to Adelaide in April. In this my 50th year, I'm looking for a challenge that will push me physically at the same time as supporting a fantastic cause. I'm inspired by the work of Pain Revolution - University of South Australia and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my participation in Pain Revolution. Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Sponsor Fran

Luke  ​​​​Bonjiorno

I've been practicing physiotherapy in Australia and the United States for close to 20 years, and am a long time supporter of Lorimer Mosely's/David Butler's work in the area of pain science. I have treated many patients suffering from chronic pain from all backgrounds and it's sad to see how poorly managed they are. 

I see despite much research, pain management remains poorly understood, and many turn to unnecessary surgeries or drug/opiod addiction. It pains me to see the long term consequences, not only on these sufferers, but the effect is has on their families and loved ones also. 

I also have witnessed over and over that these pain sufferers, with a little extra care, and some education on what pain really is, and how it can be managed,through understanding and at low cost, can substantially turn their lives around for the better. 

I'm very excited to be a part of this ride from Melbourne to Adelaide, and look forward to helping the team spread the word, and hopefully get things 1 step closer to improving the understanding and treatment of chronic pain in our world.

Sponsor Luke

Chris ​Caldwell

I have long been struck with the power of narrative. Nothing changes people like story. I’m thrilled and honored to support PainRevolution because I’ll get better at telling the story of “therapeutic neuroscience education” by listening to those who tell it best, learning to help people to re-write their story and live well again.

The size of this Pain problem is unbelievable - whether measured by dollars or human suffering. Pain costs more than cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease … combined. This is as true in the US ($560-635 billion annually in direct medical treatment costs and lost productivity) as it is in Australia. This is a public health crisis the world over. “Is Chronic Pain a Preventable Disease?” is one of the most critical questions to reflect on in healthcare today. 

As a physician who has treated persistent pain for 15 years, I’m so happy to have good news in pain treatment! There’s a better conversation than “What can you do to/for me?” There is hope for those who are tired of “dependence on the system” - opioids, injections, procedures, surgeries, etc. 
Why would I champion pain relief in another country? In a word, my patients and I owe Lorimer Moseley a tremendous debt of gratitude. His scholarship and particularly his ability to tell the story of pain science is some of the most hopeful information available for people who suffer in silence from this “invisible illness.” 

PainRevolution reminds me that I’m not alone. There is a growing international community of folks who are captivated with the same Pain Science - that neurotags live within metaphor and meaning of the stories we tell ourself about pain - and see how transformative it can be for healthcare. 
That is why I’m training (in the snow) for Pain Revolution.

Sponsor Chris

Mark ​Collins

Chronic pain is a huge burden on our society. I, like many other clinicians worldwide, have experienced difficulties trying to help patients overcome chronic pain. Working as a physiotherapist in the past, and more recently a doctor, I have always had an interest in this domain of healthcare.

I am a passionate cyclist, having fallen in love with riding as a child and I encourage anyone with the opportunity to do some cycling to do so in whatever form you desire! 

I'm inspired by the work of Pain Revolution - University of South Australia and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my participation in Pain Revolution. I have always wanted to cycle from Melbourne to Adelaide but have always had excuses not to. Now I have a great excuse to do it!!

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Sponsor Mark' button. Thankyou.

Sponsor Mark

Kal ​​Fried

Although persistent pain is the most common reason people seek medical help, it is one of the most misunderstood areas in healthcare. One in five Australians (including children and adolescents) experience pain that lasts more than 3 months, and sometimes for many years / forever. I am a sports and exercise medicine physician who has worked with elite athletes, weekend warriors and everyday people just experiencing pain. I have also been a medical advisor with TAC and Worksafe Victoria for close to 20 years. There is no doubt in my mind that it is the context of a pain event that influences the overall outcome far more than the injury itself.

Thankfully I discovered the best explanation for this in pain science including the wonderful work coming out of the University of SA. The part that I am most interested is the context introduced by well meaning health practitioners who don't have a grasp on pain science yet and still think (like I used to!) that pain is something you see on a scan that can be reliably 'fixed'. There is serious need for model of care change based on this science if we are to alter the sad trajectory of persistent pain from musculoskeletal problems in our society over recent decades. Understanding pain properly is fundamental to this process.

What am I doing about it? Well apart from presenting and publishing (including my website - and generally annoying people around me with this 'inconvenient truth' information, I'm inspired by the work of Pain Revolution - University of South Australia and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my participation in Pain Revolution. Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Sponsor Kal' button
Sponsor Kal

Angie ​​Hawke

WOW…. This might be crazy but I am going to cycle from Melbourne to Adelaide (870 km in one week). Why? Because I am passionate about persistent pain education and research.

I have been working as a massage therapist for many years. My work with people experiencing chronic pain, as well as my own personal pain journey, inspired me to become a neuroscientist. I am honoured to be joining a group of fellow neuroscientists, health professionals and pain education enthusiasts on the Pain Revolution. We will be running pain education programs by night and cycling by day!! 

I will be donning the lycra (never say never in life!) and giving this a red hot go! Show your support by sponsoring me to do this event and raising much needed funds for persistent pain research.
Sponsor Angie

Steve ​​​​Kamper

I'm inspired by the work of Pain Revolution - University of South Australia and wanted to make a difference and support them by raising money as part of my participation in Pain Revolution.

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Sponsor Steve' button. The more people that know about Pain Revolution - University of South Australia , the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing this page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!
Sponsor Steve

Emma ​​​​​​​Karren

I'm taking on the challenge of cycling from Melbourne to Adelaide to support a cause that I believe in. As a clinician I have faced countless people whose lives are impacted by persistent pain, and through my research have come to realise the enormity of this health problem. For the past 3 years I have been immersed in the (scientific) world of low back pain and know first-hand that there is much knowledge to share. I also believe that doing this can make a difference.​

I am inspired by this opportunity to support the work of Pain Revolution - University of South Australia. This 870km event will be unique: it will involve top-notch scientists, clinicians and educators - engaging with communities and sharing the latest discoveries. As well as spending a crazy number of hours on my bike, my support also means raising money.

Please 'support me to support them' by giving whatever you can using the 'Sponsor Emma' button. The more people that know about Pain Revolution - University of South Australia, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.  Thank you in advance for your generosity, it really means a lot.

Sponsor Emma

Shaun ​​​​​​​​Meehan

For the past 19 years (13 with Gallagher Bassett) I have worked in the personal injury industry. As a result, it is very evident to me that chronic pain has significant impacts on individuals, as well as our broader society. Many of the injured workers we help to remain in, or return to work, endure chronic pain, which obviously has impacts on their lives and those of their families. New techniques in the treatment and management of pain would not only benefit those directly affected enormously, it would also benefit their families and the greater community. It’s for these reasons I am passionate about supporting research into and education about the better treatment of chronic pain. 

In April 2017 I will ride 870km from Melbourne to Adelaide with a group of health professionals and other supporters of the cause to spread the word about the latest developments in pain research. 

The more people that know about the work that the University of South Australia is doing in pain management the greater the impact, so please help me to raise $3000 for this important work! Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Sponsor Shaun

Jan ​​​​Menzies

I am a paediatric physiotherapist working at the Royal Hobart Hospital and I frequently work with children in pain. Persistent pain interferes with schooling, socialising with friends, participating in sport and leisure activities and can rob children of their main occupation…to play and have fun.

I decided to join the Pain Revolution so to ride 870 km from Melbourne to Adelaide with other health professionals whom I share a  passion about reducing persistent pain in our community. In the process we hope to raise awareness, share what we already know about persistent pain to rural communities along the way, and meet people who will share their pain stories.

Help me raise $3000 going directly to fund vital research into persistent pain. 
To find out more, go to and follow me on Strava to make sure I'm putting in the kilometres and growing quads the size of Richie Porte.
Sponsor Jan

David ​​​Moen

I am 26. I've studied a masters in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy, and I spend my time between a little physio practice in Adelaide and an organic farm in the Adelaide hills. I work a lot with people who have pain, both as a physio and at the farm. Pain really doesn't seem to discriminate much. It's certainly prevalent. 
Cycling has been a really important thing for me. It fills me up. Seeing the world by bike, with the smells and the different textures of the air, the good company and the anticipation of coffee, it's an affair of the heart. I am very grateful for the bicycle. 

In terms of this Pain Revolution and spreading the word for useful pain treatments, it's a pretty interesting beast. We have learned that pain is not a good measure of damage. It's not a damage alert system, it's something else. Pain is a kind of protector that feeds on context and knowledge and threat appraisal. So reconceptualising pain, or re-thinking pain, has floated to the top as one of the more important steps in treating pain. A dose of realistically positive knowledge is medicine for pain. 

So we will travel by bike from Melbourne to Adelaide starting conversations about pain and spreading hope and some realistically positive information. Hopefully we can start a bit of push to integrate better pain knowledge in clinical practice. 
I would be thrilled if you could support us in this ambition with a donation to the cause. Your money will help future research, and also more projects to spread the word. But potentially more than your money I would love it if you could help to spread the word. If you know someone in pain who could do with some help, put them in touch with the Revolution. Hopefully we can help.  See you on the road. 
Sponsor David

Hayley ​​​​O' Sullivan

Hi I'm Hayley. I am a hand therapist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH). I have been working in the field of hand therapy for 7.5 years. Over the past 18 months I have been involved in developing and implementing a pathway within RMH for patients who present with signs/symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) post injury.  CRPS more commonly effects the upper limb and women, particularly post a distal radius fracture.

I want to continue to spread the message that early identification of signs and or symptoms of CRPS are paramount to a good recovery! By signing up for this ride I hope to continue to raise awareness of CRPS, but also about pain in general and how we manage it as a community. 

Pain Revolution - University of South Australia are doing amazing work within this field so riding from Melbourne to Adelaide (870km) in the name of PAIN seems fitting! If you have time to donate some money that would be awesome! 

Also check out the route so if you are near by please come out & cheer, high 5 or offer us some water!!! Thanks in advance

Sponsor Hayley

Sarah ​​​​​O' Loughlin

After spending the past 15yrs off the bike, I have a lot of fitness to gain... I'll need to go from 0kms/week to 870kms/week in 4months... Why did I sign up for this??? It's for a really good cause!
Since graduating from the University of South Australia, I have spent most of my career working as a Continence & Women's Health Physiotherapist. In recent years our profession has seen increasing numbers of women (& men) with persistent pelvic pain. This can be an isolating and debilitating condition that can severely impact a person’s quality of life. Activities as simple as sitting, going to the bathroom and even intimate relationships can be extremely painful. These men and women deserve the very best of care to assist them to relieve their pain – often this will be from an informed, caring, multi-disciplinary team who apply the most current and highest quality evidence (pain science).

To get the best evidence, we need quality research. Quality research requires talented researchers and money. This is what this ride is all about and why I've been inspired to put my body on the line (on the saddle) to help raise these much needed funds. I'm hoping I can learn from all the experienced clinicians and researchers on this ride to become better equipped to treat these patients when they are referred to us.

On a personal level, the one last bit of life advice from my Dad, before he died, was to "get back on the bike" - so, after a few failed attempts, this ride is also for him. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!
Sponsor Sarah

Peter ​​​​​ Parks

Since working in Pain Education Clinics, I have been inspired by the work of "Body and Mind' and 'Noigroup' from Uni of South Aus. The message from their research is one of providing education and empowerment to people living with Persistent Pain. They provide an effective and evidence based solution which is a great alternative to the hoplessness many people feel from their 'healthcare handball' experiences. 

By riding from Melbourne to Adelaide, I hope to contribute to their Pain Revolution mission, in raising awareness within rural communities of the many things people can do to help themselves when they have persistent pain. I also want to raise funds to assist with further reseach and comunication so that their important findings make their way around the country and world.

Anyone who has an interest in assisting people with pain should be well aware of Lorimer Moseley's teachings and donating to this project will assist him and his team to continue their large contribution to the world's knowledge of pain science and interventions.
Sponsor Peter

Clive ​​​​​ Prestidge

I’m a Professor of Pharmaceutical Science and my research focuses on how we can use smart particle technologies to improve the way medicines work. 

I’m one of those lucky people who are rarely sick and have never experienced chronic pain. Unfortunately there are increasing numbers of people in our communities that are not so lucky and who suffer from life-altering pain. For such people the pain controls their day-to-day existence and dramatically limits their quality of life! The research work of Professor Lorimer Moseley's group is given people new hope and tools to deal with such Persistent Pain. This is why I’m inspired and excited to join the Pain Revolution - University of South Australia. Not only will we be cycling 870 km from Melbourne to Adelaide in 7 days, we will be involved in workshops and events in the local communities along the way, spreading knowledge of the latest discoveries and hopefully making a positive difference to some folk in country towns.

My Dad John has been a major inspiration to me and he has catalysed my interest in cycling. He’s been a super cyclist all his life and some of my earliest memories are going along to watch my Dad race his bike. Three years ago we had 50th and 80th Birthdays over the same week and the one thing Dad wanted to do on his 80th was to ride up Mount Lofty with me. The cake on top of Lofty tasted so good and I hope that we can all ride up a mountain when we hit 80. Unfortunately Dad has had a terrible year after emergency bowel surgery and has not been able to get on his bike and not been able to travel from the UK to visit his grand kids. We’re hoping that some extra surgery can enable him to get back on his bike and I can’t wait for our next ride in the Cotswolds. So, I'll also be riding for Dad...

The 120+ kms and quite a few hills each day for 7 days will be a significant challenge for me, but something that I’m very keen to do – what a fantastic cause!!!.
Sponsor Clive

Alex ​​​​​Reilly

I have friends and relatives who have benefited directly from the clinical applications that derive from the cutting edge research work of Lorimer Moseley at UniSA.

The Pain Revolution is a vital way to increase awareness of this research, and its importance to contributing to the massive problem of chronic pain in Australia (which costs Australia more than cardiovascular disease and diabetes combined).

I am an academic myself, conducting research on Australia’s migration policy, and a keen cyclist. Participating in the Pain Revolution ride is a small way I feel I can contribute to Lorimer’s research work. The more people that know about Pain Revolution - University of South Australia , the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Sponsor Alex

Joseph ​​​​​​Wearing

Persistent pain has huge personal, economic and social costs.  For over 20 years I have represented people injured at work and in motor vehicle and other accidents, seeking to recover compensation. 

Many of my clients suffer disabling chronic pain, that has had a major impact on their lives, and the lives of their families. Often they have been through a long process of surgical and other treatment with little improvement in function. The prolonged use of opioid and other medication often leads to serious illness. I am sure that all would prefer effective treatment to compensation.

Closer to home, my mother struggled with persistent and disabling pain for nearly 20 years following major abdominal surgery. Her retirement was not as she had hoped.She was not well enough to travel and could not be as involved in the lives of her grandchildren as she would have liked.

In recent years, I have seen clients benefiting from new techniques in the treatment and management of pain. This is why I am supporting research into and education about the better treatment of persistent pain.  Please help me to raise $3000 for this important work!

Sponsor Joseph

Sue ​​​​​​Wise

My sister has suffered from Fibromyalgia, which is a condition that is characterised by widespread chronic pain, for more than 5 years. She lives in a small rural community and has very little support.

Any money and awareness raised by this ride will be of great benefit to her and other sufferers.

Sponsor Sue