2 - 9th ​April 2017

outreach activities

Brain Bus Locations
A driving force behind the ​​​Pain Revolution is our mission to get out of the lab and the clinic, and in to the communities where people are living with persisting pain.
We’re getting out to talk with people that are living with pain, and the people that support and help them. We’d love to talk to teachers, sports coaches, community groups and health professionals of all sorts. We want to talk to Mums and Dads, and kids, because we really think we can make a difference to the disease of Persisting Pain if we get everyone involved.
As well as the Brain Bus, we are hosting the following events in Victoria and South Australia, and we’d love to see you there. Please look at the links to the events on Facebook, and share with people you know in those locations.

3rd April              
Public Forum 5pm                                 click HERE
Professional Seminar 7pm                  click HERE 
Brain Bus 12.30 - 3.30pm                    click HERE

4th April             
Public Forum 5.30pm.                           click HERE
Brain Bus 12.30 - 3.30pm                     click HERE

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5th April              
Public Forum 5pm                                    click HERE
Professional Seminar 7.30pm               click HERE

Brain Bus 12.30 - 3.30pm                      click HERE

7th April               
Mt Gambier
Public Forum 5.30pm                             click HERE

Brain Bus 12.30 - 3.30pm                      click HERE

8th April              
Murray Bridge
Brain Bus 1pm - 3pm                         click HERE